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SOO Virtual World Cup

October 18 @ 10:00 am - October 22 @ 3:00 pm EDT



Welcome everyone to our school’s live virtual soccer competition, where you can play head-to-head games against other schools across Canada! 


Don’t miss out on the chance to win a variety of prizes, meet and connect with athletes across the country and participate in our second ever FUN DAY! 


How it works: 


We are offering registration 3 inclusive divisions 

  • Single Player Entry (ideal for students learning at home) 
  • Traditional Skill Level Teams (the entire team has an ID) *these teams will be broken into 2 divisions based on the overall skill ranking of the team, which is required during registration. SOO will let you know what division your team falls into after registration closes  
  • Unified Teams (intended for teams that have a mix of athletes with and without intellectual disabilities) 

The tournament will run from Monday, October 18th to Friday, October 22nd 

  • There will be a different team challenge for each day (4 different challenges total) 
  • On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, schools will be able to complete the challenge on their own time and submit results by the end of the Day 
  • The Thursday challenge will be a live head-to-head competition against teams in your division!  
  • All teams are guaranteed to compete in all 4 challenges.  
  • Note: Schools will be offered the flexibility to compete Live on Wednesday, October 20th, in the event they cannot attend or access the virtual platform on Thursday, October 21st  
  • Friday will feature a variety of fun social and interactive events to celebrate everyone’s successes! 


Live virtual game times on Thursday, October 21st will be held at 10 am EST for At Home Learners, 11 am & 1:00 pm EST for Traditional Teams (dependent upon your division), and at 2:00 pm EST for Unified Teams. 

  • Those teams unable to participate live will have the option to compete at the same scheduled teams on an alternate platform on Wednesday, October 20th  


Live competitions will be hosted on two of these three platforms: Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom. 


Final instructions, equipment needed, and game times and all pertinent information will be sent out upon the closure of registration to those registered. 


Important for Traditional Teams Only: Please provide rankings of each athlete in 4 areas. Please use the following guide to aid in your decision: 


Shooting Skill Evaluation /2 

  1. Athlete can shoot (kick) the ball into the goal zone (two objects that are 3-4 feet apart) from 8 – 12 feet away. 
  1. Athlete can shoot (kick) the ball from 12-16 feet away into pyramid of 6 small cone shaped objects (and being able to knock some down) 

Passing Skill Evaluation /2 

  1. Athlete can kick the ball off a wall from 6 feet away and receive the ball for a 4–5-minute period 
  1. Athlete can receive a pass from another student, and pass the ball to a different student in a stationary position for a 4–5-minute period  

Dribbling/Ball Control Evaluation /2 

  1. Athlete can dribble the ball using the one foot in a walking motion 10 times. 
  1. Athlete can dribble the ball side to side using both feet in a walk/run motion 10 times. 

Throw-in Evaluation /2 

  1. Athlete throw the ball off a wall from 8-10 feet away into a target the size of a hula hoop 
  1. Athlete can aim and make a controlled throw to another student from a stationary position 10 times. 

Please note: Registration closes on October 12th at 5:00 pm EST 

Please contact us at schools@specialolympicsontario.com if you have any questions or concerns! 



October 18 @ 10:00 am
October 22 @ 3:00 pm
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