Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Special Olympics programs across Canada have been suspended. Please check with your provincial chapter for more details on the suspension of programs and updates.

Ontario athletes - Click here for help booking your COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment

For athletes outside of Ontario, please check with your provincial chapter for vaccine support and information.

Click below for resources, tips and ideas to stay healthy from home!

Stay Connected

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Tips, tricks and challenges to help you connect with your friends, coaches and Special Olympics while practicing physical distancing.

Stay Active

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Virtual activities and challenges you can do to stay active and fit from home!

Stay Positive

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Tools and resources to support the mental health of the Special Olympics community.

Stay Informed

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Information to help you understand COVID-19 and help you stay safe.
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We came.
We walked.
We conquered Canada.

In this time of physical distancing, athletes, volunteers and supporters across Canada came together to walk over 15,000 km in the Coast to Coast Challenge.

And now, we’re taking on the world! Start the journey now by taking a walk and submitting your time at: WalkTheWorldWithMe.com 


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It's time to get moving with Special Olympics Ontario!
Kick start 2021 and Reveal Your Champion!

What is the "Reveal Your Champion" program?
Reveal your Champion is a one-year training program that provides a variety of workouts focused on different areas of fitness to help you become the best athlete you can be! Each month program participants will set goals and work to achieve them. The program also includes health and wellness activities in addition to the workouts.

WE are going to help YOU Reveal Your Champion!

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--Registration Closes March 12--

What is the "Step into Spring Challenge 2021"?

An action packed eight week virtual challenge where hundreds of Special Olympics Athletes throughout Newfoundland and Labrador will come together virtually to train, compete and showcase how they are working hard to Stay Healthy, Stay Connected, Be Active and Be Prepared! 

All Special Olympics athletes are welcome to join, however, only those in Newfoundland and Labrador will recieve a Challenge Kit. 

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Since the begining of the pandemic, Special Olympics Manitoba has had to shift and innovate our programming to keep our athletes engaged and active. 

We've developed Flex as a way to provide a variety of virtual opportunities for athletes across the province! 

From fitness, to health, to social opportunities we've developed and collected programming for athletes of all ages and ability levels. 

Check out the Flex website today to view all of the resources.

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The PEAK Program is a virtual program open to all Special Olympics Alberta athletes.

Each week, athletes will be challenged to hit their selected fitness goals, and complete a variety of other fun activities outlined on their BINGO cards. Virtual sessions will be held each week, with topics based on your body, your mind, and your health.

You can complete the program as a team with some of your friends, or try to conquer the challenge alone, either way our goal is to help every athlete reach their PEAK! 

SO Athletes outside of Alberta can access recordings of the live sessions!

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MyPAHL (Physical Activity and Healthy Living) is an online health and wellness program designed to help Special Olympics athletes get and stay physically fit while being rewarded in the process.

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Please note: all athletes are welcome to participate and earn points, however only Special Olympics Ontario athletes are eligible to receive rewards.

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Week of Events

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